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FULL OUT GANG TURF WAR IN LA GANGWAR SIMULATOR 3DThe gangs of LA are at war once again, bringing and taking the streets of the urban jungle into steeped violence. You as a young leader of one of these gangs need to make a decision step up or die slowly as you gang members get pushed back. As player you must protect your people from exploitation and abuse by these other gangs. Make sure your crew is the one that rule the streets.THE CITY STREETS ARE IN TURMOIL BRING BACK PEACE TO THE STREET BY GOING TO WAROnce your gang was one of the most powerful gangs in the entire city, ruling the streets fair and making sure everybody got their piece of the action. But these days the streets are taken over by this rival gang known as the Crime Dogs. These crime life gangsters have one task and that is ending and preventing that your gang will get his former glory. Fight with gang members in this gang war game on close rage, fight alone and be smart how you can take over the streets once again.
TAKE ON THE ROLE AS A LEADER OF YOUR GANG AND WORK ON EARNING BACK THE REPUTATION OF YOUR GANGLa Gangwar Simulator is a super exciting crime simulation game, bringing you action packed gameplay. Work your way through all different kinds of missions, earning money so you can battle your enemies even better as well. La Gangwar Simulator 3D is a free roaming crime based shooter, Mixing action and strategy elements in the gameplay. Explore the streets of a modern timed neighborhood, work you way through the streets and take back everything that once was yours.
GAME FEATURESSuper easy to control gameplayBy guns, buy ammo and fight against your rivalsTry to control the streets from back to front, make it your neighborhoodMultiple cars to drive and smash through the streetsEarn money and buy yourselves the best guns availableEpic gang war fights in the streets of LA
Become the toughest gang member of all and fight for street supremacy. In this modern day urban gang warfare game.
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